First Post. Whatever. It’s a thing…

First post… awkward. The blank space at the top of our new site has been bothering us for days. We’ve got lots of things to add, say, and post around here, but the first post just felt like it needed to be special.

But, then again, your first kid is special and by the time you get to the third it’s pretty much 3 second rules on the dropped pacifiers, no freaking out about the fistful of dog food you’re fishing out of his/her mouth, and, “here, hold your sister while I get the roast out of the oven.”

Am I right? And, we’ve got three kids, one of us (*cough* Amy, er, me *cough*) blogged for years, and we’ve been cooking together for decades. Heck, we catered our own wedding reception, no kidding. This is kind of like a metaphorical third kid, er, maybe fourth in our case?

Let’s just wipe that pacifier off on your jeans there and move on with this thing. No sense in freezing up over that perfect first post that is never going to actually be as witty, charming, or funny as you want it to be.

Are we there yet? A first post? A crappy, insignificant, no-one-is-ever-going-to-read-it-anyway, first post?


Whew, so glad that’s over.

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