Kebabs for Mother’s Day!

kebabs for Mother's DayMike makes killer kebabs, seriously, the best grilled meat and veggies on a stick you’ve ever had. Mother’s Day, a couple of years ago, he made steak and shrimp kebabs with lobster tails, over open coals on our Santa Maria Grill. It was the best Mother’s Day dinner I’ve ever had, no restaurant or champagne brunch could even come close. And, in light of that, I requested the kebabs again for dinner this year.

That’s right, right now, as I am typing this, chunks of top sirloin are marinating in my fridge.

The kebabs he’s making for Mother’s Day 2016 use top sirloin steaks marinated in Basque Marinade (a red wine based marinade) and, of course, combined with bright colored, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can change these up depending on what you find at the local store or farmer’s market. Squash or zucchini would be a great addition, even eggplant, or some hot peppers. Mike’s typical kebab M.O. consists of red onion, bell pepper, mushroom, fresh pineapple, and tomatoes. The shrimp kebabs are much the same minus the Basque marinade. He’ll probably brush those with melted butter and garlic while they cook.

I love kebabs because they are good cold! They are perfect for a snack when the party runs late! Plus, they’re light, pretty easy to prepare and cook, and they make for a dramatic presentation.

Cali Creamin Vanilla ale, steak and shrimp kebabsSpeaking of dramatic, that’s the only word to describe my reaction to a new beer I recently tried. Brewed by Mother Earth Brew Co. Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Ale is billed as a “cream soda with a kick.” With the rise of “hard sodas” lately, I wouldn’t want anyone to think Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Ale belongs in that section of the fridge. It is reminiscent of cream soda – without the sweet. I actually had one with a burger earlier today (Moo Creamery, Spanish Chorizo Burger) and, I have to say, it was AMAZE-BALLS. It’s easily the best beer I’ve tried in the last year. Find it, order it, do something, you won’t regret it. Personally, it’s going on my list of brew houses to visit.