Chocolate Burgers, that modern day fairy tale wherein she loves chocolate and he loves burgers.

The story goes something like this:

Him (aka Mike):
32 year old dude meets 20 year old college student and lies about his age until he has her solidly on the hook. How’d he do it? He knew his way around the kitchen and the grill, plus she thought he was pretty cute.

Her (aka Amy):
20 year old girl meets 32 “28” year old dude. Impresses him with her side dish skills and her ability to create something for a sweet tooth out of almost thin air. Didn’t hurt that she was easy on the eyes.

Also, they share an uncanny knack for b.s. and a wildly inappropriate sense of humor. You know, aside from the whole foodie thing.

Fast forward many years and three children later the two have realized they no longer have a captive audience with the kids. One is out of the house, one in college, and the last one a (almost) teenager with other more important things to do.

The choice was simple: deal with impending empty nest syndrome or get a hobby. Thus, their food blog, Chocolate Burgers, was born. It’s just a basic desire to entertain you with their self-taught cooking skills, hours spent prepping holiday meals, countless evenings feeding picky kids, and even more hours staring through beer goggles into the depths of their deep pit.

In short, cooking and entertaining for real people. We love Emeril, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown as much as the next Food Network junkies, but like most people we have a family and day jobs. That means we don’t have the time or budget to pull off a grass fed, organic, Spanish feast with a Brazilian twist while hand painting monograms on hand sewn napkins that will go into homemade napkin rings.

What we can do is whip up some great home cooking with the occasional healthy twist and serve it up on Fiestaware dishes on the back patio under the banana trees (in the summer) or at the big kitchen table if it’s too chilly outside.

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